The Red Cups are Coming!

[pb_lay_raw]My friend and I walked past my neighbourhood Starbucks last week.  A minute later I realised I was three paces ahead and talking to myself.  Turning around to see where I had lost my friend, I saw her taking a photo of the signboard outside declaring ‘The Red Cups are Coming’.  At home later that evening perusing Facebook, I discovered she wasn’t alone in her excitement for the arrival of the red cups – several other friends had posted photos of the same sign outside their local Starbucks store.

Starbucks, a company many of us have come to associate with a fairly common and predictable (yet customised!) offering found a way to create excitement around its brand.  And not just personal excitement and awareness, but also an unpaid group of advocates who have gone out of their way to advertise for them!  An example of viral marketing in full swing. A few days later, it wasn’t just the “they’re coming” sign being posted online but now the red cup complete with a personally crafted Starbucks brew!

What are you doing to create excitement around your brand?[/pb_lay_raw]