Case Studies
Over the past 15 years we have worked for national, international and global clients - on their most pressing commercial issues.  Here are some examples of our work …

positively impacting

business results

In a time when the UK boasts more breweries per head of the population than any other country in the world and the rise of the micro-brewery has helped revive the ale industry, established players need to seize the opportunities that this presents to stay ahead. “They not only developed a highly actionable segmentation tool, but also supported my teams. You can see the results of this work playing out across the business in reinvigorated brands and successful new product launches” Ian Bray, Managing Director
Fuller’s had identified the need to support their flagship brand, London Pride, with a significant new core beer brand that would challenge, bot internally and externally, accepted wisdom of what Fuller’s was about. “This is not another ‘me-too’ brand. Its point of difference is that it has been developed for lager drinkers who want something a bit extra in terms of taste. For us, this is about exploring new territories.” Head of Marketing Fuller, Smith & Turner