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NPS and the Customer Satisfaction Jigsaw

Oct 02, 2020
Since it was first introduced by Fred Reichheld in 2003 ("The One Number You Need...

In praise of the ‘Diffusion of Innovation’

Aug 25, 2020
Another in our occasional series of blogs in which we will revisit some of the...

Why ‘new normal’ will look a lot like ‘old normal’

Aug 20, 2020
Since March my mailbox has been inundated with new surveys, trackers, consumer trend evaluations, and...

In praise of ‘Marketing Myopia’

Jul 14, 2020
In this occasional series of blogs we will revisit some of the articles that we...

Expanding your target market – How Greggs harnessed the power of the vegan to expand their consumer base

Jun 27, 2019
Among the depressing outlook on the British High Street is a success story that took...

‘To sleep, perchance to dream’ … a potentially big impact on an SMEs bottom line

Jan 29, 2019
A few weeks ago we wrote an article on employer provided benefits (“EPBs”) – and over the...

An interesting segmentation that goes beyond elephants and donkeys – lessons from the US electorate

Oct 15, 2018
An interesting new report looking at the US political landscape was published this week (see...

Innovation doesn’t necessarily equate to disruption – a case study in a bag!

Aug 28, 2018
Having just written a piece on ‘disruptors’ (READ HERE), I thought this FT article looked...

‘Segments of One’ – myth or reality?

Jul 03, 2018
How many segments is too many? At some point we always have this conversation. Clients...

Visionary change is a very disciplined business

Aug 17, 2017
At ESOMAR’s, 70th anniversary, World Congress from 10-13 September in Amsterdam we will be...