customer insight

Going beyond the raw data to support effective business decisions

Fluent in both qualitative and quantitative research we have the skills to combine both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ evidence in arriving at business solutions. All this is delivered by our team of highly experienced specialists, bringing you added depth, value and perspective you can harness for your business.

We unlock the power of research and harness the insight of internal and external data to energise, challenge and empower your thinking.

We manage all elements of the research process. Getting you close to your customers – the right audience with the right methodology.

Our data scientists translate an effective research programme into actionable outputs with the integration and interrogation of data including statistical analysis, knowledge discovery, data mining and predictive analytics.

Find out how we can help you get more from customer insight.


what our clients say

For the first time ever, we had an actionable framework to identify and evaluate priorities and opportunities for growth. Thanks to Decision Architects, we could implement an effective, targeted marketing strategy
Head of UK Marketing
International Healthcare