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potential in existing data

Businesses are faced with three ever increasing challenges …

MORE DATA THAN EVER BEFORE – The amount of data available to businesses has skyrocketed, almost doubling each year
THE CHALLENGE OF HOW TO DO MORE WITH LESS – Available spend for market research has consitently fallen and yet the demands on budgets inexorably grow.

GROWING ‘CORPORATE AMNESIA’ – Employee turnover, re-assignment, data overload and fragmented distribution of information means organisations have often forgotten what has been learnt.

Our SURGE3 data platform enables you to better manage outputs from your historic research investments, to tap the full potential of your existing data and foster lasting ‘corporate knowledge’

knowledge organisation

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A system for collecting, collating and integrating raw market research data and the ‘product’ from market research projects, to provide a central hub where the ‘corporate research memory’ can be accessed, making  ‘corporate knowledge’ visible and searchable

Foster collaboration between individuals and groups on areas of shared interest – by tagging ‘who has worked on what’. Users can identify colleagues with topic expertise, learning from their experience rather than ‘reinventing the wheel’

Create new recombinant value by combining disparate data (from previous research studies), to create new information, knowledge and insight

Algorithms crawl across the core data cube looking for anomalies – which could be the basis of a change in consumer behaviour or the kernel of an insight.

Data interrogation against pre-defined issues or questions that are of interest to the business

Key elements of SURGE3

Information Repository‘dynamic’ system for collecting and collating all of your organisation’s research assets—quantitative and qualitative

Surge3 Cube – a secure relational database that brings together and integrates raw research data

Analytical Engine – machine learning exploring the data for key patterns or anomalies

Client Interface – access to all data and work product held within the repository

Optional Analysis & Reporting – bespoke data analysis by our data scientists and/or regular working sessions utilising the broad vista of available data to address contemporary business questions

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what our clients say

Having worked with Decision Architects on diverse assignments, I recommend them as a trusted advisor and an excellent partner in strategic marketing projects … highly intelligent, thorough and multi-disciplined, they consistently deliver quality results, on time and with a great level of integrity
Director Strategic Marketing and Pricing
Intl. B-to-B