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Does that compute? Robo-Advisers and the digital AI trends shaping the Financial Services markets.

Jun 27, 2019
Consumers are becoming increasingly open to the use of robo-advisers and AI to help inform...

Expanding your target market – How Greggs harnessed the power of the vegan to expand their consumer base

Jun 27, 2019
Among the depressing outlook on the British High Street is a success story that took...

Learning from SMEs – what David can teach Goliath

May 23, 2019
You’re probably familiar with the concept of a ‘skunkworks’ … an "environment that is intended...

Cyber insurance and staying relevant

May 22, 2019
72% of large firms experienced a cyber-attack in the past twelve months. Cyber insurance market...

‘To sleep, perchance to dream’ … a potentially big impact on an SMEs bottom line

Jan 29, 2019
A few weeks ago we wrote an article on employer provided benefits (“EPBs”) – and over the...

SMEs are positively embracing the auto-enrolment pension – but feel the pension industry is not delivering

Jan 11, 2019
63% of SMEs reported that the auto-enrolment pension had a positive impact on the way...

The Benefits Balance – what really matters to employees?

Nov 29, 2018
Since the financial crisis of 2008, the business of employing staff has seen a seismic...

Looking a gift horse in the mouth … assessing the ‘impact’ of your auto-enrolment pension

Nov 08, 2018
Many auto-enrolment pension policies are now approaching their anniversary. This offers SMEs a chance to...

An interesting segmentation that goes beyond elephants and donkeys – lessons from the US electorate

Oct 15, 2018
An interesting new report looking at the US political landscape was published this week (see...

Do we need to rethink wealth management for Millennials?

Sep 17, 2018
Two interesting take-aways from a recent seminar on millennials and wealth … firstly ‘millennials want...