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segmentation, customer behavior and analytics

Decision Architects is an award-winning market research consultancy, but we’re more than that. We operate in the space between market research and management consultancy, working with our clients around the world to help them make informed strategic decisions that address their most pressing questions and issues.

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actionable segmentation

We are specialists in segmentation with over 20 years’ experience. Our team helps businesses worldwide by developing actionable frameworks that become a core foundation of impactful marketing strategies.
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customer insight

Fluent in both qualitative and quantitative research we have the skills to combine both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ evidence in arriving at business solutions.


marketing analytics

Our data integration and analytics capabilities provide clients with the decision-making fire-power to make better choices aligned with business & marketing strategy


potential in existing data

Our Surge3 data platform enables clients to systematically create new knowledge from existing data … making research budgets go further and maximising value from every project

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For the first time ever, we had an actionable framework to identify and evaluate priorities and opportunities for growth. Thanks to Decision Architects, we could implement an effective, targeted marketing strategy.
Head of UK Marketing
International Healthcare
They not only developed a highly actionable segmentation tool, but also supported my teams. You can see the results of this work playing out across the business in reinvigorated brands and successful new product launches.​
Managing Director
UK Regional Brewer
With a rare combination of first class technical skills an the consultative mindset... they delivered insight based narratives that added clarity and drove actionable decisions that are transforming us into a truly customer centric organisation
Global Head of Customer Strategy
Global Insurer

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Retire, Refresh or Retain …
is your segmentation still fit for purpose?

Are you still mining meaningful insight from your segmentation?

Have your segments lost focus? Are they defined by dimensions that are no longer relevant to your category or business?

Are you having issues locating your segments in your CRM data? Is your typing tool too complex to make the framework actionable?

Are you missing key information that you need to activate your segments?

Get a free segmentation review from consultants with huge experience of developing actionable segmentation.