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Latest News

We will be presenting ‘Stuck In 70s! Why Our Understanding Of The SME Sector Needs A Reboot!’ at this year’s 2018 Financial Services MR conference on the 15th November.

This session challenges the myths, received wisdoms and outdated thinking about the SME sector that have grown up over 40 years. We will examine new behavioural insights and discuss the constructive implications of the changing SME landscape for the financial services sector.

In parallel we are making available some of our own SME research and findings from the last 10 years.

If you would like a copy – please download it here

What we specialise in

Our consultants – fluent in both qualitative and quantitative research – have the skills to combine both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ evidence in arriving at business solutions, delivered by highly experienced specialists who add perspective, understanding, depth and value

Our senior team offers a mix of blue-chip international consulting and research agency experience across many industries. We specialise in …

  • Market landscaping
  • Segmentation
  • Activation
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Strategic choice structuring
  • Behaviour change
  • Consumer insights


Who are we?

Founded in 2006, we are an award-winning market research consultancy operating in the space between market research and management consultancy … working with clients around the world to tackle their most pressing commercial questions and issues.
We unlock the power of research and harness the insight of internal and external data to energise, challenge and empower your thinking

We believe that marketing intelligence should make the complex simple and act as the catalyst for growth.