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mapping the

customer journey

Understanding your customer’s journey to profitably change customer behaviour

A customer journey – or buying process – map is an articulation of behaviours that occur before, during and after the decision to act. This provides you with insight into the specific decision making processes that your customers go through. We help you use these maps to frame the value of changing customer behaviours, and identify behaviours that can be influenced to achieve your key marketing objectives.

Map the customer journey to:

  • Gain a clear picture of your customers’ buying behaviour
  • Understand their experience and where you can add value
  • Select the behaviours you can influence to achieve a more profitable outcomes
  • Deliver a customer experience that boosts sales, satisfaction and loyalty
  • Make a better return on your marketing investments
Decision Architects helps you understand what drives behaviour and how changing customer behaviour drives value for your business. Our customer journey maps enable robust predictions on how marketing actions will impact long term performance.

Find out how we can make your marketing activity more focused and impactful.


what our clients say

Having worked with Decision Architects on diverse assignments, I recommend them as a trusted advisor and an excellent partner in strategic marketing projects … highly intelligent, thorough and multi-disciplined, they consistently deliver quality results, on time and with a great level of integrity
Director Strategic Marketing and Pricing
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