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Effective analytical modelling is a process not an event … requiring a range of consulting skill, data skill, modelling and statistical skill, interpretation skill, and implementation skill.

Whether it is maximising demand, minimising customer churn or optimising for profitability, our marketing and predictive analytics support can enable more timely and informed decision-making … optimising marketing investment decisions and driving top-line and bottom-line growth.

Marketing engineering requires an ‘expert eye (or ear)’ to navigate through the maze of marketing model options and create locally applicable and ‘sense-checked’ outputs. We provide access to exert data practitioners.

But before embarking on analytics backed decision-making, it is necessary to become a knowledge based organisation – identifying and capturing the right data to fuel an effective analytical engine. We also help you make better marketing decisions by identifying and integrating a variety of different data sources.

MINIMISE CHURN – score your customers for their risk of leaving and identify key marketing interventions to mitigate.

MAXIMISE LIFETIME VALUE – identify customers likely to deliver greatest ‘LTV’ to your business as well as marketing actions to target and retain.

TARGET OFFER – identify and predict consumer propensity to purchase and response to target right offer, at right price, through right channels to right customers.

OPTIMISE MARKETING ROI (MMO) – optimise your marketing spend against those levers which have the greatest impact (versus goals and objectives).

Find out how marketing analytics can better focus your marketing activity.


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Your team has brought incredible depth and clarity around actionable segmentation that enables action to drive our business results
Director Marketing and R&D
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