actionable segmentation

Harnessing the power of an actionable segmentation

Good segmentation is one of the most powerful tools in the marketer’s arsenal. We use segmentation to help you address both strategic and tactical questions enabling you to use finite assets to “over-invest” in your most attractive customers.

The Decision Architects team has enormous experience using a range of segmentation approaches. We focus on actionability as a core design principle, not an afterthought. This gives you the ability to identify and reach segments in the real world, bringing tangible benefits to your business. Our collaborative approach ensures that organisations find it easier to adopt any new segmentation framework, rather than delivering a ‘black box’ solution that doesn’t resonate across the organisation.

Our actionable segmentation allows you to better address strategic ‘where to play’ questions i.e. which customers to focus effort on, as well as tactical ‘how to win’ questions i.e. what products, services and marketing activities are most likely to achieve your objectives.

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what our clients say​

Your team has brought incredible depth and clarity around actionable segmentation that enables action to drive our business results
Director Marketing and R&D
Consumer Goods